Host Home Program

Within our Host Home Program, we offer three different settings: Traditional Family Integration, Elevated Living and our Roommate Mentor Model.

Traditional Family Integration

Our Traditional Family Integration operates just as described. An individual selects a pre-screened family where they then become an “adopted” member of the family. Individuals in traditional family host homes share a living space and essentially most elements of their lives with their “second” family.

Everyone works together to perform all the roles and responsibilities of a traditional family that strengthens all its members. Individuals in a traditional family setting contribute their own talents and abilities to enhance their host family and in turn they receive love, support, mentorship, room & board, transportation, and many other organic benefits of this dynamic partnership.

Elevated Living

Some of our individuals are independent but their circumstances may prevent them from living fully on their own. Our Elevated Living Model solves this dilemma. Our company works very hard to find host families with open mother-in-law or basement apartments within their homes. Our individuals are then placed into these nice and accommodating placements, which then gives them a space to call their very own. Well-trained and loving host families are always close by to provide mentorship, supervision, and many other similar supports of a traditional family setting but more so on an “as-needed” basis. 

Elevated living allows individuals to essentially live life on their own terms. They have the independence and the privacy that they crave, a decreased cost of living, but any support they need is never far away.  Our Elevated living model has received great industry acclaim and has shown to be tremendously successful for all involved.

Roommate Mentor Model

Sometimes a traditional living setting, elevated living model, or living completely on their own is not an option. Enter our Roommate Mentor Model. This setting provides a healthy combination of the previous two options but offers more of a peer to peer relationship with their mentor buddy. Mentors provide our individuals with life guidance, transportation needs, meal prep, access to activities, supervision, decreased/shared cost of living, and everything in between! Many individuals in the roommate model environment have jobs, drive their own cars, and come and go as they please. For those looking for balance between companionship and support, while still maintaining independence, this model perfectly suits their needs!