Host Home Provider

Host Home Provider

Becoming a Host Home Provider is a great way to support a wonderful individual in your very own home. You’ll be providing love, mentorship and support for an individual who is in need of a second family.

We have a great training program that will ensure that you are comfortable and confident in this rewarding opportunity. Activity Living believes that there is nothing more powerful than a successful family unit. Many of our host homes have maintained years of wonderful partnerships between Host Home Providers and the individuals in their care.

We take care of our Host Home Providers by forging a 50/50 partnership. We are here to provide round the clock encouragement, in-house trainings, respite staff, and generous daily compensation for your efforts. We take this partnership very seriously and we’ve learned from experience that the most successful way to run a host home program is through a collaborative team effort.

In our opinion, the best Host Home Providers have the right balance of wanting to make a difference while being generously compensated for their time, contributions, and sacrifice. Activity Living focuses the majority of our time, talent, and expertise in the host home arena. We can assure you that you will have the love and support and can rely on our vast experience and expertise, so you’ll never feel alone. With the support of the Activity Living Team and other human services Providers, Host Home Providers can become trusted caregivers, friends and advocates for the individual with whom they live. We are vested in making sure you are successful and are here to help!

Experience is always preferred but not required.  Apply today and we will schedule a consultation to see if being a Host Home Provider is the right partnership for both of us!

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