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Apartment/Shared Home

We believe that every person should be able to live a normal and happy life. In our apartments and shared home situations, we promote people receiving DSPD funding to live with roommates and receive support from staff. Residents of these units have the most extensive assistance. Goals are achieved and life is normalized. Some of the activities that happen in our shared homes are:

  • Cooking Healthy Meals
  • Maintaining a clean and attractive home
  • Physical Fitness (swimming, basketball, hiking, swimming, nature walks, and other activities that are of interest to the individual
  • Recreation Activities (bowling, movies, road trips, camping, pass of all passes, aquarium, etc)
  • We also believe in helping people to grow as human beings

The "Roommate" Model

This option is for people in services who just don't want to live with other people with disabilities, but are not ready to fully live on their own. We provide a roommate for them that is an employee of Activity Living. They are screened and have passed a state and federal background check. This provides supervision in a non intrusive way that allows for the person being served to live with a friend (that gets extra training to ensure they succeed).

Host Home

Some people love being around kids and families so that they may feel connected and loved. This option is similar to the "roommate" model, but the service is provided by a family.

Supported Living 

We get super excited when our friends and family get to this step. They are now ready to live in their own place and have a job. We provide staff to help with the transition and offer continued support. Staff are able to help with teaching personal finance skills, keeping their life organized, transportation to appointments, medication management, and other services as needed. 

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all!”